Thursday, November 15, 2012

Little girl Her favorite color is pink and Purple 

She wears a size 6 toddlers and 10toddlers shoe size


Hello Kitty Doll

Hello Kitty toys

Coloring book and crayons

Educational toys

Princess dolls

Dora the explorer

Warm jacket

Warm sweater

Warm pants

Long sleeve shirts

Tennis shoes

Craft projects

Warm blanket

Higher Giving

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Create a Vision Board

Create a vision board of what you want in your life. Simply cut
pictures and words from magazines of what you want in your life, then
pin or paste them to a board to create a collage. Look at the board a
few times a day and engage all of your senses to create the full
experience of actually having what you see.
You can also create a vision board online........check out our vision boards at

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Warm and Wonderful Holiday

Rarely are you able to impact the life of someone you don't know, a total stranger, for the better. A person who really genuinely needs your help and prayers.

    Holidays from the Heart is a program through the Los Angeles' Children's Hospital that helps terminally and chronically I'll children and their families. It helps families with low income and serious financial distress to be able to enjoy the holidays the way millions of people do every year

    It puts food on their table, there will be gifts to open, necessities for the household that have been overlooked because the care of their sick loved ones is the priority.

   Many of the Children I have met through the program over the years have been 9 years old and younger. Those brave young souls have been through everything from chemotherapy on multiple occasions, bone marrow transplants, multiple blood transfusions daily and much much more. The impact spreads over the entire family too and puts stress on everyone involved.

    This past Christmas, 2011, we sponsored several  families but unfortunately were only able to meet one family because of circumstances with illness. The family we were fortunate enough to meet was very grateful and the little 5 year old girl had a bone marrow transplant that resulted in complications, forcing the young girl to stay in the hospital for a year! She was so happy to be with her family for the holidays and was delighted to open one of her gifts, her favorite Dora the Explorer doll!

    The next day I visited the North Pole at the Los Angele's Children's Hospital, also known as the Gift Distribution Center. All the "elves" were busy organizing all the gifts for families to pick up and to go out in vans for delivery and I got to tour the facility. It was so amazing to see all the support, all the gifts spread out, that I felt tears welling up in the corners of my eyes.

    The experience for everyone involved was wonderful and I am so grateful to have been able to participate and for the help of all the sponsors and individuals who supported the cause. 

Some of our sponsors:
Natural Burst
Steve Muller
Amber Beck
Reeve Benaron
Sharam Tabibnia
Ashkan Tabibnia
Higher Dristribution Center
to be cont.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Delivering Gifts

Whitney and Sergio delivering gifts to a family for the Los Angeles Children's Hospital Holiday's from the Heart Program.